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Is it a Mermaid? - Cover

Is it a Mermaid?

Author: Candy GourlayIllustrator: Francesca Chessa

On a tranquil day, siblings Benji and Bell’s eyes catch sight of something peculiar in the waves — a creature claiming mermaidhood but resembling a dugong. Though Bell plays along, Benji’s going to need some convincing. His doubts eventually fade as the tale unfolds a journey of humour, kindness, identity and acceptance amid vibrant, atmospheric illustrations.

More info

  • Nominated: 2019 Kate Greenaway Medal
  • Candy Gourlay is an award-winning author
  • Francesca Chetta is an award-winning illustrator
  • Own Voice
  • East and Southeast Asian representation
  • Black/brown representation
  • Female lead
  • Class/socio-economic diversity